Spin Brush For Face - LuminSkinCo™ - Deep Cleansing

Spin Brush For Face - LuminSkinCo™ - Deep Cleansing





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Peoples are damaging their skin every day without knowing, many times they care for their skin but only some of it. Later in their lives, they end up with dry, blotchy and, uneven skin tones.

With the Super Sonic LuminSkinCo™ Facial Spin Cleansing  Brush, you can reclaim the skin of your youth. It can be used by everyone, including women, men, and those with normal, sensitive, oily, and dry skin.


✅Suitable for all skin types

✅Clean your skin of all impurities and prevent future breakouts and blemishes.

✅Results in as little as 1 session

✅Gently remove dead skin, dirt, and makeup.

✅Prevent Acne and breakouts Deepest cleanse for flawless skin


🗹 Water-resistant - can be used in the shower. (although we don't suggest fully submerge the device in water)
🗹 USB charge, no batteries required.
🗹 Cleansing sponge head for absorbing facial oils, cleansing the skin, and removing dark circles. 
🗹 Sensitive hairbrush head.
🗹 Super soft bristles, mild cleaning.
🗹 The ordinary brush head, suitable for serious clogging of pores, blackheads, too much oily skin. 

    How does it work?

    LuminSkinCo™ Facial Spin Brush exfoliates your face and entire body, even hard to reach areas. Gently removed from your pores grease, dead skin, and left-over makeup; leaving behind healthy youthful skin.

    THREE Professional Cleansing Brushes Head
    • Standard Brush Head: Suitable for Oily and Normal Skin
    • Soft Brush Head: Suitable for Sensitive and Dry Skin.
    • Sponge Brush Head: Suitable for removing makeup and oil from Skin.

      How to Use?

      🗸 Ensure the device is charged (3 hours for the first use)
      🗸 Attach the brush head of your choice. Simply pull/push to remove and attach the brush head.
      🗸 For best results use after wetting your face with warm water. You may choose to apply a face cleanser if you wish.
      🗸 Press the white power button once for low speed and twice for high speed.
      🗸 Clean around your face in circular motions for several minutes.
      🗸 Wash your face off with warmth and apply a moisturizer or serum to keep the skin hydrated.

      Package Includes:

      • Spin Cleansing Device
      • 3 Brush Head
      • USB cable and
      • User Manual


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