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Floating Solar Fountain


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Enhance the productivity and beauty of your garden and fountain with this solar-powered fountain pump. It powers with the light of the sun and sprays water in 4 different patterns. Enjoy the soothing, tranquil sounds of running water and take delight in the pleasure it gives to your feathered friends.
The Solar Powered Fountain is the PERFECT feature for your garden. It can be used anywhere and it runs on solar power, which means there's no maintenance, ugly wires, or time-consuming setup. This makes it the perfect decorative accessory for any backyard, garden, or home this Spring and Summer!

  • Solar-powered:¬†The pump runs on solar power which means there is no maintenance, ugly wires, or time-consuming setup. This makes it the perfect decorative accessory for any backyard or home.
  • 4 spray patterns:¬†The solar garden fountain comes with 4 different sprayer heads each producing a unique pattern of water spray to attract more birds.
  • Hassle-free set-up:¬†No wires or electricity needed to power up this product. Simply place it in the water body and let the sunlight do the magic. The sprayer heads are easy to attach and clean.
    Floating Solar Fountain
  • Adorable addition:¬†It creates a relaxing point of interest in your garden. Place the floating solar fountain in Lily ponds, Koi ponds, birdbaths, or anywhere else you please. Moving water is beneficial as well as beautiful. Still, water can become stagnant and circulation means that your water bodies do not attract mosquitoes or algae.
  • Multiple Applications: This eco-friendly solar pump is perfect for birdbaths, fish tanks, small ponds, pools, gardens, water circulation for oxygen.
  • Floating Fountain Pump: Very easy to use. Starts within seconds and the panels float on the water to gain maximum sunlight.¬† The pump will start automatically in 3 seconds once exposed to sufficient sunlight.
  • Eco-Friendly: 100% Solar Powered. No need for a battery or electricity. It is Eco-Friendly and saves money.¬†Easy to move to different places to use.¬†The solar fountain has more than 10,000 hours of service life.
Floating Solar Fountains


  • Color: black
  • Flow rate: 0.18 (m3/h)
  • Number of impellers: 4
  • Head: 0.9 m
  • Suction caliber: 8 mm
  • Outlet diameter: 8 mm
  • Number of levels: single level
  • Voltage: 7 V
  • Power: 1.4W
  • Size:168*168*43mm

How To Use:

Place the fountain into the water, with the solar panels facing up and into the sun. It will automatically run every day. Attached to the bottom of the fountain pump are suction cups that can be adhered to the bottom surface of your pond or birdbath, keeping it from floating around freely if that is what you want.
Solar Fountains
Package Included:

  • 1 * Solar Fountain
  • 8 * Accessories
  • 1x User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

I like this fountain without the spray tips. Easy to install and works well in the birdbath. As long as the sun is shining the water shoots well from the center.


I bought this solar powered fountain insert to put in my birdbath to keep the water from getting slimy. It keeps the water circulating which keeps it clean and it attracts birds to it also.


Perfect, no instructions needed, I just put on the nozzle I liked and put it in the birdbath, it works perfectly. No surge spurting, just smooth even flow!


My Mother’s Day gift to myself. Adorable. I love my new solar fountain. It’s so easy to set up and I love the extension straws to keep it from hitting the edge of my birdbath.


I am super happy with this fountain. I‚Äôve had many of these before, most are too big. Also, most of them squirt the water clear out of the bird bath or out of my ‚Äúpond‚ÄĚ, which is small. this one is considerably smaller - PERFECT for a bird bath - and one of the nozzle choices does not send the water up too high. I‚Äôm getting another, plus one more for a friend