EMS TENS Foot Massager

EMS TENS Foot Massager





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This electric foot massager uses EMS technology to simulate a true foot massage. 6 massage modes each with 9 intensities are available to enhance your comfort. It provides a strong in-depth massage to relieve muscle fatigue and soothe away your tension and mental fatigue, improve sleep.

It will reduce any swelling, increase blood circulation, and get rid of any aches or pain. By using this high-tech foot massager, you will increase the amount of oxygenated blood in your lower legs, as well as warm your feet to a pleasant degree. Each session on your EMS foot massager lasts 15 minutes and can be carried out from the comfort at your home. You'll be amazed at the results.

Features and Benefits:

Easy To Carry - It is foldable and small. For travel and gym, it can be easily carried around.
6 Massage Modes - To meet your different massage needs, intelligent simulation artificial massage techniques according to personal preferences and physical stress can be freely combined.
9 Adjustable Intensity Levels - foot massage pad has 9 levels of adjustable intensity that directly stimulate the acupuncture points, slow down physical and mental fatigue, improve sleeping.

USB Charging - Built-in rechargeable polymer lithium battery, long battery life makes you no trouble in fitness
Improves Blood Circulation - Due to sedentary lifestyles, most of us do not use the muscles of our feet properly. Also, improper footwear like tight shoes hampers normal circulation in the feet.
Helps You To Relax - After a long tiring day, the best way to relax is a soothing and relaxing foot massage, particularly after walking around when our feet tend to swell up.
Promotes Better Sleep - One of the benefits of foot reflexology is regular good sleep. A soothing and relaxing foot massage will help the body unwind, improve blood circulation and relax the nerves. These, in turn, will encourage restful sleep.
Makes Feet Healthier - One easy way to keep your feet healthy and free from all kinds of foot problems is a regular foot massage. It helps stimulate the muscles around your feet, lessens stiffness, and even reduces pain in the ankles or the heels. Plus, a short 5-minute foot massage daily will make your ankles strong and flexible, thus preventing unpleasant ankle and foot injuries.


  • 6 modes with simple operation
  • It will get off power automatically after 12 minutes from a stop when you forget power off.
  • Stimulation intensity is decided into 9 levels (intensity1-9)
  • Suggest one time per day.
  • Automatically turn off about 15 Seconds later if DO NOT attach to your feet.

How to use EMS foot massager?

1. Fully charge the massage device before the first use

2. Install the massager on the foot mat.

3. Place both feet on the mat.

4. Press “+” to switch on. Press “M” to switch between six modes.

Cleaning the foot mat

1. When cleaning the foot mat, please turn off and detach the massager.

2. Wipe with neutral detergent with a soft cloth during daily maintenance, do not use corrosive detergent, and don’t place it into the water for soaking or washing.

3. When it is particularly dirty, use a little medical alcohol (75% concentration) to wipe.

Recharging the main device

1. Plugin micro USB cable to the main device.

2. There will be a red light indicating the device is charging.

3. The red light will turn off when the device is fully charged.

Package included:

  • 1 x Foot massager 
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

I have peripheral neuropathy and this is wonderful! Could not tolerate above level 1 to start but it is very effective. You MUST have both feet on it in order for it to work. Very pleased with it. Would definitely recommend it.


This is a great product. Takes a little getting used to but already feel a difference in the legs. Highly recommend for someone who sits at a desk most of the day. Definitely helped


Very compact thing. Like how portable this is, great for traveling. Tired and swollen feet and ankles helps my circulation.


Very fast delivery. Order placed on 28/03/21 received on 09/04/21. Item very well packaged. I charged this immediately upon opening. So excited! I followed all instructions and it worked perfectly.


Purchased one for my Mom, it mimics acupuncture treatment also, the pad is very thin, portable size and charge is fast.

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