Body Sculpting - Reshaping Handset

Body Sculpting - Reshaping Handset





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The LuminSkinCo™ Body Sculpting Handset uses various unique technologies to safely and comfortably get rid of cellulite and fatty acids in the comfort of your own home!

Burn fat every day and stay healthy.

Body Sculpting Device


✓ Ultrasonic vibration to remove fat and crush fat, shape light posture

✓ Tight lines, shape S-shaped curve, bid farewell to bulky fat

✓ Effectively fade orange peel and revitalize collagen

Red / blue / purple light, 3 color light care Vibration massage relieves fatigue throughout the day

Light Functions:

Blue Light: Anti Bacterial, this light helps with acne and other skin blemishes.

Red Light: Skin Rejuvenation, this light helps increase blood circulation and metabolism/fat burning.

Purple Light: A powerful combination of both lights for the best effect.

Handset Functions:

  1. LED Light Therapy
  2. RF/EMS Technology
  3. Ultrasonic Vibrations

Mode Functions:

Ultrasonic: Fat Breakdown, Instantly 'wakes up' the skin cells, promotes fat metabolism, and helps breakdown fatty acids.

RF + EMS: Skin Tightening, Helps rejuvenate, and tighten the skin.

Ultrasonic + RF: A powerful combination of both modes for the best effect.

How it works?

Ultrasonic CV function: 300,000 times/second ultrasonic high-frequency vibration, instantly wake up the skin bottom cells, improve cell metabolism, promote fat block decomposition, dredging lymph nodes, to achieve weight-loss effect.

RF shaping function: Powerful RF function can make skin dermis layer produce high heat effect, and enhance fat-burning.

Body Sculpting Handset

LED red light skincare: 625nm wavelength energy red light with high purity, strong photosynthetic energy, and uniform energy density characteristics, activate skin cells, promote cell metabolism.

Mechanical vibration function: Mechanical vibration to make collagen fiber contraction, speed up the fat decomposition rate, effectively reduce stubborn fat.


How to Use:

✓Use (recommended) with the gel, apply the gel to the machine, circle in the target position or massage with W-shaped route

 Do not stay in the same position for too long, keep the machine moving on the body when using it

This product is waterproof and can be used by colleagues in the bath or shower for beauty care.

**Note: Do not use it in the bathtub or hot spring bath where the bath liquid is placed, or in the hot sauna.


Package Include: 

  • Reshaping Handset
  • USB Cable


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