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It’s never been this easy to pamper your feet! Salon Step is the new beauty breakthrough that will revolutionize the way you treat your feet! Simply select the ideal angle for you using the adjustable footrest. The innovative angled design keeps feet in the perfect position to comfortably paint nails – there’s no bending, no stretching!

pedicure at home

The At-Home Pedicure Assistant is the safe and comfortable platform for doing your own pedicures at home. It keeps your foot in the perfect position for nail filing and painting. Features LED task light, 3X/5X magnifier, quick-dry fan, storage compartments, and a pull-out drip tray. Folds for easy storage. 

home pedicure kit

At-Home Pedicure Assistant

Now you can have a stable, safe base to do your own pedicures in the comfort of your own home, with the At Home Pedicure Assistant.

  • Easily slides under a mattress or couch cushion for stability
  • Holds your foot in place for pedicures
  • Includes built-in compartments on either side of the footpad to store clippers, files, cuticle tools, and polish
  • Features pull-out tray to catch polish drips or clippings
  • Includes a quick-drying fan
  • Includes LED task light for extra illumination when needed (with 3X and 5X magnifiers)
  • Ideal for all ages, body types, and flexibilities
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Saves money and time on salon pedicures
  • Available in Blue or Pink
  • Requires 3 AA batteries

What makes it special?

  • Comfortable safe puts your foot in the perfect position to do your own pedicure at home.
  • Use Day or night - includes task light.
  • DIY for women of all ages.
  • Perfect for all.
  • Adjustable for perfect sitting position
  • Ensures hygiene as you control tool cleanliness

Package Included: 1pc Home Pedicure Assistant

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews

    With nail salons closed I ordered this to help me with my personal nail care. I have found it to be extremely useful and will most likely continue using it even with salons open. The money saved and the health benefit of taking care of my own nails is worth buying the product!


    Home Pedicure I absolutely love this product. ❤️ I can sit on the couch now and do my toenails with ease. The light is a blessing because the toes are so far away. This is finely constructed and built very sturdy. I’ll be purchasing more for gifts. Whom ever invented this…God Bless You. 🙏🏻❤️


    This is a great tool for at home pedicures. It allows you to elevate your feet which makes it easier to reach your feet and the attachments allow you to be more precise in your polish application.


    I'm a Senior and had began to have trouble taking care of my feet. With this I have enough light and a comfortable place to place my foot as I work on my toes.
    No more crooked clips!


    I purchased this as gifts for both my Mom and sister-in-law. Only my Mom has had a chance to use it so far, and it took a bit to get it positioned just right. She's had trouble reaching her toes to do her own pedicures for a while, and is thrilled that this allows her to do them with ease. I definitely recommend this for anyone who has trouble bending forward from arthritis, back issues, etc. I may have to get one for myself!